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About Us

Formerly known as Braintree Motor Group, Evolution Repair Group is the brainchild of Anthony Heard, a passionate bodyshop owner who intimately understands the intricacies and challenges of running a bodyshop. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence, our group of independent repairers takes immense pride in our collective expertise.


With a current roster of 25 skilled repairers, Evolution Repair Group offers an invaluable consultancy service designed to optimise your Bodyshop’s profitability. For a competitive fee of £1500+VAT, we leverage our extensive experience to meticulously analyse your business data and provide tailored insights aimed at enhancing your financial success. Our business is built of hugely experienced staff such as Chris Weeks who brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the Bodyshop industry, having served as the Executive Director of the National Body Repair Association (NBRA). His tireless efforts to bridge gaps between repairers and insurers, coupled with his innovative approach, have made him a respected figure in the industry. Furthermore, Paul Goddard who has exceptional expertise in the damage assessment field, all creating an extremely experienced team who are committed to guiding and transforming your business today. 


But our commitment doesn't stop there. We foster a collaborative environment through an exclusive WhatsApp group, where all participating body shops come together to offer advice, share best practices, and provide hands-on support. This group dynamic ensures that you're never alone in navigating the complex challenges of the industry.

What we offer

Imagine a scenario: You're a proficient repairer, excellent at what you do, but you find yourself drowning in a sea of compliance issues, reports, and uncertainty. You're not sure if you're procuring materials at the right price or pricing your services optimally. You lack the inside knowledge of industry tricks and tactics, leaving you in the dark.


This is precisely where Evolution Repair Group steps in. We specialise in dissecting the profitability of car crash repair body shops. We delve into the intricate web of your clientele, from different insurance companies and accident management firms to fleet contracts. You might know that you're making money, but the specifics of who and where may elude you.


Our consultancy service encompasses it all: deciphering which clients are the most lucrative, optimizing your procurement processes, and guiding you in acquiring cost-effective equipment and services, from skilled personnel to welders. By being part of our group, you will have the collective wisdom of 25 industry experts at your disposal. You can confidently make informed decisions, secure better deals on parts, paint and courtesy cars, and ultimately transform from a hardworking business owner into a financially savvy one.


To further support your growth, we aim to visit your body shop when we can and we also organise four meetings annually, where we delve into pertinent industry topics, share success stories, and collectively address challenges. Our ultimate goal is simple: to ensure that every member is not just satisfied but thrilled to have joined Evolution Repair Group.

Estimating offering from Artura 

In addition to our core services, Evolution Repair Group proudly presents a valuable bolt-on option for those seeking an even more comprehensive solution. At an additional cost, we extend our expertise to our sister company, providing an array of comprehensive Estimating and Engineering solutions that cater to both bodyshops and insurers.


Our overarching goal is clear: to deliver unmatched optimisation and equitable pricing that benefits all parties involved. With this bolt-on service, we dive deep into the intricate details of every repair project undertaken by a body shop. We leave no stone unturned, scrutinising each cost element to ensure precision and transparency.


Often, you may find that you are unintentionally undercharging for your services, inadvertently missing out on key costs that should rightfully be covered by insurers. With our Estimating and Engineering solutions, we empower you to price every single aspect of the repair accurately. No longer will you need to absorb unexpected expenses that should rightly be borne by the insurer.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between what you deserve for your expert workmanship and what the insurer should rightfully cover. By choosing this bolt-on option, you not only enhance your profitability but also streamline your pricing strategy for fair and equitable compensation.

Evolution Repair Group is committed to equipping you with the tools and insights you need to thrive in the competitive automotive repair industry. Join us, and together, we'll revolutionise the way you approach pricing and repairs.

Join us, and let's navigate the path to profitability together.

If you want to join the Evolution, then please register your interest  here

The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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